Landscape Design and Installation

A properly designed landscape is more than just being aesthetically pleasing, it serves a purpose and fits a client’s needs.  Whether we are designing a luxury home’s breath taking backyard, an entire strata property or for a business, our goal is the same, create a space which is appealing, practical and inviting.

Our landscape design team works alongside industry leaders in 3D rendering technology to help convey our ideas for your space before we so much as lift a shovel.  As is true in most aspects of life, proper planning is key, this is why we go the extra mile to ensure our clients will be fully satisfied with what we deliver.

Residential Landscape Design

Our residential landscaping design teams are experts at turning empty spaces into spaces where memories are created.  We provide our clients with a space at home where they can feel comfortable and unwind.  Decks, gardens, pools, fencing and lawns all come together to create a space for you and your family to have moments of tranquility.  To add to the idea of peace and relaxation we take the worry out of your house’s landscaping design by providing preliminary landscape plans, architectural landscape renders and finally masterful execution by our landscape installation team.

Commercial Landscape Design

We are experts at designing commercial landscaping spaces. We make sure the landscaping works to complement your business by improving curb appeal and drawing in foot traffic.  Proper landscape lighting, clear walkways and planning tree and shrub growth to avoid obstructing signs and the business are a few of the key fundamentals in proper business landscaping design.  In addition to the practical side of design, our expert landscape designers consider things like colour palettes during all seasons, hardscaping features and focal points to attract customers.


Our team of qualified landscape contractors will take architectural landscape designs and make them a reality.  We love to work on new construction sites, commercial landscape renovations or small residential landscaping additions.  We believe that doing any new landscape construction project requires precision, accuracy and attention to detail while working to reach our goals of being on time and always on budget.  Our team of professional landscape installers are highly trained and skilled at installing hardscape features such as fountains, fences, walled gardens, patios and much more in addition to being master planters and gardeners for all landscaping installs.

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