Things to look for when trying to pick a landscaping company

The options when choosing a landscaping company are seemingly limitless.  Furthermore, Vancouver alone has hundreds of landscaping companies, all of which will make a claim about why they are the right company to work with. We provide a wide range of landscaping services focusing mostly on strata landscaping, residential landscaping, commercial landscaping and larger scale developments, that being said we have created this guide to try to assist you, the customer, through the sometimes overwhelming landscaping industry as free from our own personal biases as possible.

In our experience we have found the most important factors to customers are: value, reliability, accident prevention/coverage, and service quality.


Regardless of whether the company is the most expensive or the cheapest, value is what we should strive to find. It is crucial to understand the extent of a landscaping company’s proposal.  They should offer clear, concise descriptions detailing exactly what you are paying for.  In many cases when a landscaping company is offering prices which are too good to be true there is usually a shortcoming somewhere.

Lowest Price:  Although it is sometimes tempting to go with the cheapest option for many projects or purchases, going with the cheapest option typically isn’t the best option when making major decisions like picking a landscaping company for a strata landscaping project.  This type of work is a large undertaking, it requires experienced, well trained staff who can pull off a large scale operation

Highest Price:  Just because something costs more does not necessarily mean that it’s better.  Sometimes you may be paying for a brand name or a reputation, sometimes you may just be getting ripped off.  With landscaping it is important to do your homework on companies.  A solid reputation can be worth the additional money in some circumstances, especially with something as important as strata landscaping or commercial sized project.  That being said, a company which has a good reputation, offers good services and good liability coverage can still offer competitive prices.

If you go out and get several quotes, be leery of quotes which are inexplicably high or inexplicably low.


With winter upon us true reliability starts to become apparent. Showing up once a week during the summer to trim hedges is not something that really proves the reliability of a company.  Where true reliability begins to reveal it’s self is when conditions are less than ideal.  Regardless of what conditions are you need a partnership with someone who will ensure your property is maintained, whether that means salting, snow removal, de-icing or just standard landscaping services to carry on as usual.

Accident Prevention and Coverage

One of the most important aspects when deciding on a landscaping company is to make sure all their critical papers are in place to guarantee that both you and the landscaping contractors are protected in case of an accident.  Regardless of how well trained or how careful a landscaping company is, eventually at one point there will be an accident, whether it’s a rock that goes flying while mowing the lawn or an injury that occurs to a worker.  Despite everyone’s best efforts to avoid this it is a fact of life.  Taking steps to mitigate these risks such as a wide variety of training courses for employees is a good step and should be looked into when hiring.  Despite this, accidents can still occur, it’s important that the landscaping company which you hire is fully covered, both with liability and with insurance for damages.  If a window is cracked it needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible and with as few inconveniences as possible.  Ask questions of the companies you’re thinking of hiring, make sure you are not putting yourself at risk of insufficient coverage.

Service Quality

Arguably the most important factor when it comes to looking for a new landscaping company for your home or business, service quality.  Landscape service quality is an expansive topic.  It refers to the workmanship, the customer service aspect and the overall customer experience.  Are strata reports being regularly generated? Are the landscapers in uniform, friendly, polite and creating minimal disturbance?  Most importantly, does the property or complex look pristine after they leave?

At the end of the day, choosing your landscaping company comes down to what matters most to you.  Picking a company that works with your budget without putting you at risk with insurance shortcomings should be your number one concern.  Beyond that we hope you will take a look at our company’s credentials and testimonials to convince you that we are your best bet for your landscaping project.